Not that we consider acting in the Hollywood as the parameter of success for any Indian actor, but being a top-notch performer on a platform which has the audiences of the world is indeed the work of a genius. And Irrfan Khan is nothing short of a genius. He is one of the highly talented actors to have graced the Hindi Film Arena. It has been our industry’s privilege to have him perform and shower his magic in each of the characters he portrays. However, there have been many people that run to google in search of Irrfan Khan Hollywood Movies. By knowing the search trend and all that that comes along with it, we decided to dedicate a blog which described some of the best Hollywood movies in which Irrfan Khan has enacted.

Not only Bollywood, he is such an actor any film industry would be privileged to have at their disposal. He can inherit the same character in two different movies and would still be able to convince about the newness he has gotten on the screen. This Hollywood classics have been graced by one of the finest actors of our generation, Irrfan Khan. Here we have a go at them.

Irrfan Khan & the Hollywood Movies He Has Acted In

Warrior (2001)

Role: Lafcadia Warrior

Warrior was an experimental film shot in the Himalayan mountain ranges and Rajasthan in the period of just 11 weeks. It was a directed by a British filmmaker named Asif Kapadia. Although the film was entitled to release in the United Kingdom, it was shot using Hindi as the main language. It is Warrior that gave Khan the much-needed recognition on the international circuit. The film was highly rated by the critics and even got shortlisted as Britain’s official entry to the academy awards. However, the language of the film created a stir which did not fit in the norms of the Oscar awards.

The film revolves around the story of a warrior played by Khan who tries hard to fight the feudal system and give up the sword. It is an intriguing tale and Khan does enough justice to the character. It is also considered as a breakthrough film of Irrfan Khan’s Career.

A Mighty Heart (2007)

Role: Zeeshan Kazmi (Karachi Police Chief)

The movie is based on the true story of Wall Street Journalist named Pearl who gets kidnapped while reporting in Karachi. Irrfan has a supporting yet an integral role to play in the movie. He plays the role of a Karachi Police Chief. Well, for many of us, this movie would’ve gone past without having our attention, but the reason that it is here that it was a mainstream Hollywood flick and Khan had a pretty important task to do.

The Namesake (2007)

Role: Ashoke Ganguli (Bengali family man)

It cannot be as a whole termed as an out and out Hollywood movie but it was an international release which had its screening in the United States, and some other prestigious International Film Festivals. Irrfan Khan played the role of a caring sensitive Bengali man who is trying to fit in the New York culture without his family giving up on their traditional practices. The challenges faced by a brown man in the world full of racists is what makes the matter of the movie. Khan plays the role to the perfection and garnered praises from the critics all around the world.

Irrfan Khan shines in each and every frame who is supported by Tabu and few child actors with perfection. He was nominated for the best-supporting male at the Independent Spirit Award for Best supporting male.

The Darjeeling Limited (2007)

Role: The Father

Khan plays a small yet pivotal role in the American drama titled The Darjeeling Limited. It is a twisted tale of three brothers who are somehow convinced to leave what they were supposed to do and meet their mother who resides in a hostel instead. Irrfan Khan plays the role of their father who dies a tragic death at the very start of the movie. However, he continues to appear in the movie in bits and parts whenever the brothers run in the flashback.

Slumdog Millionaire (2008)

Role: Police Inspector

Not the film which would directly suit the title of our blog but again an international movie which cannot be ignored by any Irrfan Khan fans. It is a British film directed by Danny Boyle which was shot in India and released worldwide.  Irrfan Khan might not be a part of the award glory and reception that the movie received at Oscars, but he had an integral role to play in the movie.

Irrfan Khan played the role of an arrogant yet curious cop who interrogates Dev Patel (The lead) and gets to know about his story. The role becomes important because it actually plays the role of a storyteller to the audience, and every time the movie is out flashbacks, there is Irrfan delivering magic with his insanely précised expressions. The movie garnered a lot of appreciation in terms of the direction, music, and acting.

New York, I Love You (2008)

Role: Mansukhlal

New York, I Love You is an amalgamation of 10 short films shot by different directors but unified to make a feature film. Irrfan Khan plays a part opposite Natalie Portman in a film directed by Mira Nair and written by Suketu Mehta. However, critics didn’t offer a warm welcome upon its release. The entire movie as a whole had mixed reviews from the critics as well as the audiences. Irrfan Khan excels in the role of Masukhlal who has to match the flamboyance and star presence of Natalie Portman.

The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

Role: Doctor Rajit Ratha

It is no brainer that it was a gem of a movie and was appreciated by the critics and the audiences all around the world. But very few managed to notice to the supporting role played by none other than our very own Irrfan Khan. Khan played the role of an Indian doctor named Rajit Ratha. It is believed that the director Webb was a big fan of Khan after he saw him in TV series and two of the award-winning films Namesake and the Warrior. That is why he approached Khan at the first place. However, Khan was reluctant in the start to enact in the film, it was his kids that were super excited which made him sign the film.

Life of Pi (2012)

Role: Adult Piscine Molitor Patel

It is an amazing movie made with amazing people and super amazing VFX effects. Irrfan Khan plays the role of a grown of Pi who narrates his story to a publisher about how he survived a shipwreck with a Bengal Tiger on board. Upon its release, it was highly praised by the critics and bagged several awards at prestigious award functions. Not only it sufficed itself with the critical applaud but had a commercial turn out which counted $609 million worldwide. Life of Pi was nominated for the Golden Globe awards in three different categories. It managed to cling 4 Academy awards from eleven nominations which itself is a record.

Jurassic World (2015)

Role: Simon Masrani

Irrfan Khan, by now, has developed a knack of flourishing through his performances in the foreign language movies. He has been a quintessential part of some of the very successful movies in the Hollywood. Jurassic World is no different. We all know how big the production was in all its predeceasing series. Irrfan plays the pivotal role of the owner of the Jurassic World which is built upon the old Jurassic Park site. Just like most of his films, it was a commercial success and Khan proved to a bright light of the movie.

Inferno (2016)

Role: Harry ‘The Provost’ Sims

Featuring in a film alongside the legendary Tom Hanks is indeed a feat. Irrfan Khan did it in the form of Inferno which was released in 2016. Khan plays the role of the head of a consortium who helps Zobrist in a mission unaware that Zobrist is a terrorist. Upon knowing that, he changes the team and helps Dr. Robert (Tom Hanks) to accomplish his mission. It wasn’t the central character of the movie yet a very important one. Irrfan Khan proved it to the onlookers that why he is highly acclaimed as an international star.

Hanks in an interview said that Irrfan Khan was the coolest guy on the sets of Inferno. He hated the fact that how he became the second best as soon as Irrfan Khan walked in on the sets of the movie. The statement coming from an established actor like Hanks speaks volume about his stature.

What happens with every role, you have to trick yourself, and you have to creatively find ways to explore the mental state of your character.

The quote itself tells you the entire story about he looks forward to a character thrown at him. It tells more about how he makes those drastic changes in terms of his body language, accent, and other acting traits.

Irrfan Khan is indeed a great actor and those who challenge this statement know nothing about the films and the actions associated with it. If Bollywood is concerned, he is one of finest actors of the current generation. And trust me, he doesn’t need 100 crore movies to prove his worth. His acting speaks volume about the talent this man possesses. With this, we conclude our space dedicated to Irrfan Khan’s Hollywood movies. Do let us know your reviews in the comments section below.