We always need a Joker to the batman in terms of making a film successful. We have had some influential bad ass characters over the years in the Hindi film industry. They have played a huge part in making the respective films successful. They were so illustrious that they etched in our memories forever with either their dreadful dialogues or just insanely driven acting abilities. Today, we take a jibe at some of the best villainous characters ever played in the Bollywood.

15 Bollywood Villains who evoked fear amongst the audiences.

Kaancha Cheena (Sanjay Dutt)

Movie: Agneepath (2012)

Sanjay Dutt nails the look of a bald gangster inspired from the reel life character of Danny Denzopa in Agneepath. He invokes fear within the audience with his screen presence and how operates his proceedings in a hub he creates for himself in a village called Mandwa. He exploits the villagers and uses his power and strength in order to deal with cheap cocaine. His efforts to look and appear cruel on the screen are much appreciated by the onlookers. The weird laugh and dialogue delivery exhibits his devil side on the screen with perfection.

Junior Dutt later said it in an interview that the character he played took a lot of trouble and efforts. Likely so, it directly reflected on the performance of the movie which was very well accepted by the critics as well as audiences.

Sunil Malhotra (Shah Rukh Khan)

Movie:  Darr

We all know Shah Rukh Khan as the King of Romance. But in this movie, he exhibits his acting versatility and proves why he has been the undisputed King of Bollywood for more than two decades. Shah Rukh plays the role of a psychopath lover who some way or the other wants to marry the lead actress, Juhi Chawla. However, she is already married to Sunil whose role is played by Sunny Deol. SRK stalks threatens and tries to kill in order to unite with Kiran without her consent. In the end, SRK dies a fateful death in the hands of Sunny Deol.

The dialogue “I love you K-K-K-K-K-K Kiran” got a new life to the character and the film. It became so popular that people till date use it to mimic Shah Rukh Khan. SRK, at no point in time, is found out of character. His obsession that turns him a villain is inflicted in his eyes throughout the film.

Gokul Pandit (Ashutosh Rana)

Movie: Dushman

I am afraid that this character doesn’t end in the top half of the villainous list. Ashutosh Rana spat fire and invoked violence with a terrifying look and deadly eyes. I kid you not, those eyes will give you sleepless nights if one observes his character closely. He plays the role of a Serial Killer who kills just for fun. There are no back stories about Gokul Pandit, just pure evil intentions. He is a postmaster by profession and take lives of the innocence just for fun and some mad passion.

By the very first look of him in the movie, he looks like he has a record of killing people and raping women. And we kid you not, if dictated in a real life that is how a serial rapist and a killer would look like. Rana does a commendable job in the movie, which over shadowed the protagonist of the film as well.

Gulfaam Hassan (Naseeruddin Shah)

Film: Sarfarosh (1999)

Bollywood is blessed with some incredible actors over the years, Naseeruddin Shah tends to be one of them. He exhibits wickedness in the movie not just with his creepy dialogues, but also with him gruesome actions. Just to shed some light on how he is, he bites the ear of a goat who accidentally breaks a vase at his house. Now that is some real creep out there, isn’t it? But that is what villains are made of, right? Aggression, violence, revenge, and lots and lots of creep, these are the main ingredients to play an illustrious villain on the screen.

He plays the character of a playback singer who efficiently carries out terrorist activities from his hub in a small village in Rajasthan. Although his intentions are cruel, he would convince the hell out of you that he is a playback singer.

Sher Khan (Pran)

Film: Zanjeer

Although he is not a dreadful violence spitting villain, he plays the role of Pathan with sheer perfection. Also, he has to go face to face with the angry young man of Bollywood, Amitabh Bachchan. Therefore, he has to be fierce in his own ways only to make peace with him in the final scene of the movie. He inherits the Pathani accent perfectly. In the movie, Pran plays the role of a Pathan who is involved in all kind of illegal businesses. But to balance his character out, he does all the business with extreme professionalism and honesty.

Very few in the industry could play the villain as effective as Pran. Keeping the audience engaged throughout the movie, and proving to be a tough opponent for the male protagonist, he did a commendable job throughout the entire film. His character would vertebrate in the memories of people for years to come.

Rama Shetty (Sadashiv Amrapurkar)

Film: Ardh Satya

If anyone in the Bollywood wants to look upon a character in order to know how to play a gangster without the physique and the looks, one can watch Rama Shetty spread violence and fear amongst people in the movie. Amrapurkar has played many villains throughout his career, but none as effective as Rama Shetty. He exhibits the gangster role with perfection. A white kurta, gold chain, terrifying eyes, that’s it, it is more to his acting that to his appearance that makes him deadly villainous.

How I miss characters like this in the Indian Cinema. There has been a scarcity of such actors throughout. The influence of well-written villains make the film a successful one, and Ardh Satya was considered as a benchmark for the cop films that were in the pipe.

Prem (Prem Chopra)

Film: Bobby (1973)

Without a doubt, Prem Chopra is one of the most iconic villains in the history of the Indian Cinema. “Prem Naam Hain Mera, Prem Chopra”, this dialogue still reigns the heart of people. Likely so, the character Prem Chopra played in the movie became so famous that more than the main lead actors, people remember the antagonist of the movie. Although he doesn’t look dreadful, he solicits a character which can invoke fear amongst the audience.

Chopra was stereotyped into negative roles ever since. Because of his prolific acting in the movie, he was seen forcing himself on the women in most of the movies. It stuck to him throughout his career, and he did it with excellence every time.

Kancha Cheena (Danny Denzongpa)

Film: Agneepath

If there had to be the template of how perfect an underworld don on screen would look like, I’d point on to Danny Denzongpa’s character in the Amitabh Bachchan starer Agneepath. He wasn’t as dreadful in terms of his looks, but yet maintained a tough look throughout the entire film. Not at any point of the film, he looked vulnerable or had any flaws with the way he carried himself on the screen. He looked brutal in his own ways and that reflected more in his actions than the appearance itself.

Although many would remember the movie because of the immortal character Vijay Dinanath Chauhan played by none other than Big B, he wouldn’t have got to exhibit his heroics if Danny had left a loophole in terms of portraying a strong, calm, and wicked-minded character. Denongpa was authoritative and looked like he pulled the strings of a particular village which in the movie is named as Mandwa. Also, one would notice that Kanche Cheena was way ahead of time when it came to his dressing sense.

Balvant Rai (Amrish Puri)

Film: Ghayal

We could make an entire blog to highlight wonderful villainous performances by the great Amrish Puri. Such was his aura that he went to do villainous roles year after year without the graph dropping down a bit. In the movie Ghayal, he is a rich businessman who eats, drinks, and breathes money. Pun Intended. His prosperity is a result of all the illegal businesses that devour an entire state. Raj Babbar somehow gets to know the secret behind the prosperity. This eventually results in Babbar’s death. Raj Babbar’s brother is played by Sunny Deol who seeks revenge from Amrish Puri

It was a breakthrough movie for Sunny Deol who was highly praised by the audience. In fact, the person who did not get the much-deserved credit has to be Amrish Puri. He was at his routine best and invoked fear in the audience with strong and raunchy dialogues, and of course, supervillainous deeds. He was hated by the people for the creep he was on the screen. This is what his token of appreciation was which exhibited his excellence to perfection.

Sir Judah, (Premnath)

Film: Karz (1980)

Sir Judah, unlike other villains on the list, did not have creepy dialogues, superficial wardrobe, and extra-ordinary looks. In fact, he stayed mum in the entire movie and operated his evil deeds through his actions. He used a series of knocks to communicate with his workers. He was interpreted by his right hand whose role was played by the legendary Mac Mohan. Even after being muted for the entire movie, Premnath excelled through his character with each passing minute of the movie.

Even if he was unable to talk, his eyes and his facial expressions did the most of the talking. With utmost hilariousness and a slight humor element, the lead antagonist still managed to scare most of the audiences in the movie theatre. He was rightly accused by the spectators for being a creep that he was in the movie. The hatred that developed for Sir Judah as the movie progressed talks volume about his role in the film.

Shaakaal (Kulbhushan Kharbanda)

We kid you not, but he is one of the wicked characters ever written in the history of the Indian Cinema. Not only he was a mastermind at violating people, but he did that with equal flair and cruelty. The character had a lot of influence from the western cinemas and hence, he had everything one can possibly think of to harm the victims. From an island full of sharks and crocodiles to gadgets that were way ahead of time and imagination, he had everything possible in power to agonize people.

Shaan, the movie flopped big time at the box office. However, one factor that stood the test of time was Kharbanda’s villainous role in the movie. He is still remembered and is possibly one of the nicest characters in the history of Indian cinema. He was one of those villains which we see in Bond movies. He had science by his side and cruelty was written all over his mind.

Dr. Dang (Anupam Kher)

Film: Karma (1986)

Just when Shubhash Ghai spotted Anupam Kher walking towards his car after a party, he walked towards Kher and asked him to visit his office. And just on how Kher walked, he landed the role which embarked upon the industry as one of the most deadly villains of all time, Dr. Dang. Kher had never played a role as intriguing and dark as this one. However, Ghai was adamant of him doing the role, and my goodness, how perfectly it was executed.

Dr. Dang is the head of a terrorist organization who gets arrested. Upon his arrest, he is infuriated and hence, kills a jail warden. In response, the police inspector in charge played by Dilip Kumar slaps Dang which is taken as an insult by him. He manages to escape and then one by one starts killing the people in charge of the jail as well as their family members. Dang is the epitome of violence and smells revenge and blood of his opposite numbers. The massacre he leads up to after being slapped by a police official somehow describes his evil thoughts. Without a doubt, it is one of the best performances from the veteran actor Anupam Kher. He leaves no flaws in terms of portraying the villain to perfection.

Mogambo (Amrish Puri)

Film: Mr. India (1987)

It is no brainer that Mogambo had to make a podium finish in the race of best villains of Bollywood. Agree with it or not, the film could only reach the heights because of the prolific personification of Mogambo by Amrish Puri. He was pure evil, and to top all that, he had a weird appearance. His look was completed with a royal yet cringe costume, a walking stick, and a lot of people to hear and obey his command. He was something every villain looked upon after the release of Mr. India. According to me, he was the brightest spot in the movie, and it is because of him and only him that the movie was etched into the hearts of Indian film lovers forever.

To talk about his evils, he was one of those villains with huge scientific labs that were responsible for producing bombs and other means of massacring people. He even had missiles, tanks full of boiling waters, and of course, sliding doors, which exhibited his love towards science and technology. Try searching Mogambo on YouTube and one would find Amrish Puri’s clip over the real Mogambo’s video. Such was his aura that he was looked upon by artists when playing an antagonist. And yes, the popularity of the dialogue “Mogambo Khush Hua” says it all.

Gabbar (Amjad Khan)

Film: Sholay

We have to admit that Gabbar in Sholay is one of the iconic characters we have ever witnessed in the history of the Indian Cinema. It is believed that the character was first offered to Danny who denied the film owing to his other shooting priorities. That is when Amjad Khan was bought into play, and my goodness, what a decision it turned out to be. Had it not being Khan, no one could’ve done the sketch better than him. Not only he invokes fear in the people of Ramgarh but has a pretty good clan efficient of fighting the local police. Also, his hatred for Thakur (a retired police officer) knows no bounds.

With all the fear and villainous deeds that crept in, his dialogues added the much-needed spice to the character. Many of his dialogues became very popular amongst the audiences, and are still used in daily conversations even after 30 years of its release. Although he plays a villain in the film featuring two superstars, it is Amjad Khan who steals the limelight from both of them.  Not only him, but his clan that comprised of Kaliya and Sambha also gained a lot of popularity. By the way, Holi Kabh Hain?

It was a very long list, but needless to say that Bollywood was blessed with some very good villains which made the hero look even better. Let us know what you feel about the list and the bad men of Bollywood.

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