Our industry has failed to exhibit raunchy scenes in their movies considering the factors that revolve during its releases like the moral police and all that political mess. That hasn’t been a problem for some filmmakers who have gone against the social norms to make extremely sensuous movies. Although many of the bold scenes go under the scissors of the Censor Board, some movies still manage to turn up the heat for its audiences.

Bollywood Hot Movies That Will Automatically Soar up the Temperatures.

Google trends are full of people trying to search Bollywood hot movies on the internet. That means, even though moral polices talk about and against it, people, especially the youth are automatically attracted to the A-rated movies. However, with all the restrictions imposed by the society and the Censor board, we fail to do justice to the genre. That does not mean that Bollywood hasn’t been capable of giving hot movies to its audiences. Therefore, to shed light on some of the best Bollywood hot movies, we decided to dedicate a complete blog for it.

The Adventures of Tarzan (1985)

Director: Subhash Babbar

Cast:  Kimi Katkar, Om Shivpuri

Not only this Tarzan was capable of talking to animals doing all that he normally does, but also mastered the art of making love to his damsel in distress, Kimi Katkar. Jokes apart, this is an adaptation of the original Tarzan movie just made in the Hindi language. The movie revolves around the Kimi Katkar who accompanies her dad in search of a nomadic tribe. During her expedition, she accidentally bumps into a strong ape man, Tarzan. Just when the romance of the duo is on their peaks, her dad, and her husband-to-be take Tarzan to a circus. The rest story is unfolded in the climax of the movie.

The movie gained tremendous popularity due to the hit songs and extremely sensuous scenes between the two leads. However, it would be deemed quite normal in the present day, the lovemaking cuts between the two were too hot to handle in the 1980’s.

Murder (2004)

Director: Anurag Basu

Cast: Emraan Hashmi, Mallika Sherawat, Ashmit Patel

During my childhood, anything that came from the production houses of Mahesh Bhatt was strictly prohibited. Murder was one of those erotic thrillers which changed the complexion of the genre in the Hindi movie industry. The film was based on a Hollywood film Unfaithful which was released in 2002. The story revolves around 3 lead characters played by Hashmi, Sherawat, and Patel respectively. Out of which, two gained tremendous popularity after the film was released. Eroticism was exhibited to perfection and luckily Censor Boar did not use its scissors on them.

The film received mixed reviews from the critics. Unsurprisingly, it received terrific turn out from the audience, therefore, earning the Super-Hit status. The songs became very popular amongst the youth. Emraan Hashmi got a perfect platform to launch his career. He was later stereotyped as an erotic hero which earned him the tag, Serial Kisser. Mallika Sherawat also received, more or less, the same fate.

Hawas (2004)

Director: Karan Razdan

Cast: Shawar Ali, Meghna Naidu, Tarun Arora

I do not understand why an erotic film has to be based on the story of a bored unfaithful wife which then results in a murder. Just like Murder, the basic plot was adapted from the story of Unfaithful. The movie is full of erotic scenes which could’ve been the main selling point for the movie makers. Apart from the sex scenes, the movie doesn’t boast any good talent neither has a good script. Oh Sorry! It is directly copied after all. It just made the list of Bollywood Hot Movies because of the extreme eroticism it had to exhibit throughout the film.

Meghna Naidu brings up the heat to quite an extent but fails to convince the audiences with her facial expressions. All the skin flashing and hot scenes go down in vain because of the inability of the filmmakers to churn out a well-written script.

Jism (2003)

Director: Amit Saxena

Cast: John Abraham, Bipasha Basu

To my observation, explicit scenes in the film is a way to hide the lack of a well-written or an original script, at least, in the B-Town. This is again an adaptation of a Hollywood film titled Double Indemnity. The story revolves around a poor playboy-like lawyer played by John Abraham who falls in love with a beautiful wife of a very successful and rich businessman. They both share a great deal of passion and intimacy on the screen which is positively received by the audiences as well as the critics. The film set a nice platform for John Abraham who made a Bollywood debut with this film.

The nicely directed sex scenes got this movie on the 92nd rank in the list of 100 sexiest movie scenes in a survey conducted by the Channel 4. No wonder, it is on our list as well for its explicit content and raunchy hot scenes. The songs in the movie were highly anticipated by the audiences which reflected on the overall business made by the film.

Sins (2005)

Director: Vinod Pande

Cast: Shiney Ahuja, Seema Rahmani, Vinod Pande

I don’t know if a film by this even released, but now that I know, I am glad that I did not watch in the theatres. The acting is super flawed along with the story which can be deemed as clueless. However, if you want to watch something that is erotic to the core but not porn, then Sins is the one to watch. The movie has more than a couple of topless scenes of the actress making love with her lovers. The story takes a turn when the lead decides to marry a normal man in the quest to shut down her ongoing speculations about her relationship with a Church representative.

The movie created a stir in the Catholic community who wanted to halt its release saying that it created a bad impression on the community. However, after the court cleared the movie, it was there for the audience who gave a very cold response to the movie. Despite a cold response and a flop film, the movie stays on our list because of some very sensuous scenes which can catch the eye of any on man.

Julie (2004)

Director: Deepak Shivdasani

Cast: Neha Dhupia, Yash Tonk, Priyanshu Chatterjee

Growing up, it was one of the hottest flicks of the era that every guy wanted to watch. It is a story of a Goan girl Julie who gets dumped by a bf and then is physically humiliated by her boss. Out of all the disgust that she has to go through, she decides to fly to Mumbai and becomes a call girl. This is when a businessman falls in love with her beauty. They both share a nice bond and Julie is then surprised by his marriage proposal. Julie is confused about letting her lover boy know about her profession. Julie’s character is perfectly played by the stunning Neha Dhupia.

She is the heart and the soul of the movie who carries the entire film on her own shoulders. She is extremely hot when she is needed and does quite a considerable job in the emotional scenes of the movie. The second part of the movie is all set to release in October 2017.

Satyam Shivam Sundaram (1978)

Director: Raj Kapoor

Cast: Shashi Kapoor, Zeenat Aman, Padmini Kolhapure

It was the most talked about movie after its release, and continues to do so even to do. Zeenat Aman stole all the attention of the audiences by appearing a white wet saree without a blouse and then playing the famous blouse strip in one of the scenes in the movie. To have the guts and flair to do that on screen in 70’s was a very bold act and required a lot of courage. Aman left no stone unturned in her portrayal of Roopa who raised the bar of hotness to a considerate level.

The movie revolves around a devotional girl named Roopa, and Engineer played by Shashi Kapoor. The movie centers the story about the differences between physical love and spiritual love. The movie makes a place on our list because of some iconic steamy scenes which are executed with perfection by none other than the beautiful Zeenat Aman.

Matrubhoomi (2003)

Director: Manish Jha

Cast: Tulip Joshi, Sudhir Pandey, Piyush Mishra

To go by one of the comments from a top-rated critic, he said that it was the boldest movie to ever hit the Indian screens, which was bolder than that of Bandit Queen. The movie revolves around the real-life situation about how a girl child is not allowed to come into the world and how it misbalances everything that goes around. The movie made an impact on several international festivals that it was exhibited at. The filmmakers were highly praised for their gutsy attempt. Critics were full of good words for the movie.

Tulip Joshi is involved in a steamy scene which gets this movie on our list. Apart from the social issues and the bestiality, there is very less in terms of eroticism but only harsh truth projected in a very bold manner.

Utsav (1984)

Director: Girish Karnad

Cast: Shankar Nag, Rekha, Shekhar Suman

I would not have known this man if I hadn’t come across this movie which created a stir amongst the audiences in the country. The movie produced by Shashi Kapoor was an adaptation of a Sanskrit Play titled Mrichakatika (The Little Clay Cart). The movie was strictly restricted to adults because of some very hot scenes exchanged between Shekhar Suman and Rekha. The song titled Mann Kyun Behka and other few songs from the movie are still considered as classic hits.

It is a periodic film based on the historic period when Kamasutra was written. Rekha, a courtesan in the movie encounters with Shekhar Suman, who plays a poor yet humble Brahmin man. Their love story unfolds some sizzling moments for the onlookers. It was one of the most-talked movies after it was released. People couldn’t stop talking about the romance and the passion the duo had to share on the screens.

B. A. Pass (2013)

Director: Ajay Bahl

Cast: Shilpa Shukla, Bhanu Pratap Sharma, Rajesh Sharma, Dibyendu Bhattacharya

This is one of those movies you shouldn’t watch it with your parents no matter what the condition is. The story starts with a decent guy who gets into college to pursue his bachelor’s degree. However, his parents die which forces him to move with his aunt. His aunt doesn’t give him much pocket money. That is when he is introduced with a horny aunt in the neighborhood. She seduces him and forces herself on her to pleasure herself. In return, he gets paid for it eventually turning him into a gigolo. Things worsen when he is caught in the act by the aunt’s husband.

The movie has one of the hottest explicit scenes ever seen in the Hindi films. The film has a lot of spicy moments, Shilpa Shukla being the center of it for the most of the time. After its release, the movie received a lot of positive reviews from the critics as well as the audiences.

Kamasutra: A Tale of Love (1996)

Director: Mira Nair

Cast: Indira Varma, Sarita Choudhary, Naveen Andrews, Ramon Tikaram, Rekha

The name says it all, doesn’t it? It had to be on the top of the hottest Bollywood films ever because of raunchy content and a lusty and passionate script. It was loosely based on the world-famous text called Kamasutra. Mira Nair, one of the legendary directors to have graced the Indian film fraternity, exhibits the story of love, passion, lust, romance, etc. with perfection. It was packed with so many steamy scenes that it was banned in India upon its release. However, the global critics praised the bold attempt considering the finesse the filmmakers exhibited to depict the tale.

The film, till date, is banned in Pakistan and was allowed to release in India only after several minutes of obscene scenes were deleted from the original movie. It had to go under the scanner of the moral polices after its release. The film openly talks about women’s desires and sexuality which had to raise some eyebrows in a country like India.