Akshay Kumar: The Undisputed Khiladi of Bollywood

Akshay Kumar is an Indian-born Canadian actor who has made a huge impact on the Indian Cinema in the last two decades. The actor has served Bollywood for more than 2 decades with his prolific acting coupled with exhilarating action. He made his Bollywood entry as a Martial Art instructor and stormed his way to become one of the most successful actors the industry has ever seen. Akshay has acted in over a hundred Hindi films till date and is one of the most famous celebrities in the world.

Akshay Kumar: The Undisputed Khiladi of Bollywood

Akshay Kumar Age, Height, and other Body Vitals

Akshay Kumar has maintained a tough and handsomely built physique throughout his career. His well-carved body and a charismatic face have earned him many movies in the past. Hence, we decided to provide a trump card that will help you understand his physical appearance.

Akshay Kumar Age, Height, and other Body Vitals

Age: 49 years (as of 29 Mar. 2017)

Height: 5 feet 11 inches, 180 cm

Weight: 80kg, 176 pounds

Biceps: 16 inches

Waist: 34 inches

Chest: 42 inches

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Akshay Kumar Biography

Childhood & Early Life

Akshay Kumar was born in Amritsar on 9th September 1967. His real name is Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia, but is famous and known by his screen name, Akshay Kumar. At a young age, Kumar had made a name for himself, but as a dancer. He was brought up in Chandani Chowk, New Delhi, but later traveled to Mumbai to pursue a career in the Bollywood.  He completed his schooling at the Don Bosco High School in Mumbai and his pre-university college education from the Khalsa College. He dropped out from the college a year later and flew to Bangkok to learn Martial Arts.

Akshay Kumar Childhood

Already a black belt in Taekwondo in India, Kumar practiced Muay Thai in Thailand’s capital. To serve the fees of learning the martial art, Akshay worked in a restaurant as a waiter, and then as a chef for his basic needs.  After flying back to Mumbai, the actor started mentoring students with Martial arts. Until one day, one of his student who was an upcoming photographer suggested Akshay that he was perfect for modeling. Therefore, the actor got into modeling and was fascinated with the amount of money he received for the two days work as a model. It was equivalent to his entire month’s salary. Considering the abundance of money and opportunity in the modeling world, Akshay decided to build a career in the glamor world. Apart from modeling, he also worked as a back dancer in many of the films.

The Family Tree

Akshay Kumar was born in a Punjabi family to Hari Om Bhatia and Aruna Bhatia. His father was a military officer while his mother was a homemaker. He has a sister named Alka Bhatia. He was adamant of becoming a film actor right from his childhood.

Akshay Kumar Family Background

The Entry in the Bollywood

Akshay Kumar had to fly to Bangalore for an ad shoot. He missed the flight, and disgusted with himself the actor went to film studio with his portfolio to try his luck. Luckily, he was signed by Pramod Chakravarthy in a lead role for Deedar.

Akshay Kumar First Film

Although the actor first appeared in a leading role in Saugandh (1991), his first screen uncredited appearance was in 1987 as a Martial Art instructor in Mahesh Bhatt’s Aaj. He acted in a movie named Dancer which couldn’t gather any success at the Box Office.

Akshay Kumar First Film

Akshay Kumar Filmography

His breakthrough film came in 1992 with Abbas- Mustan’s  Khiladi. Khiladi provided a much-needed break for Akshay Kumar. He cemented his place in the industry with his thrilling action and comic timing in the film. The recognition of his role in the movie showered him with many movies for the future. The actor got his Khiladi tag from this movie.

He did a plenty of movies in the coming years which were dreadful at commerce. His only hits during the time were Mohra, Main Khiladi Tu Anari, Suhaag, The Hard Way, and Elaan. In 1994 alone, the actor appeared in a total of 11 films and concreted his name as a top actor in the Bollywood.

Akshay Kumar Filmography

By the end of 2000, the actor had done several movies including 5 installments of the Khiladi series. The movies fared averagely at the box office, and his decline as an actor seemed probable. He made his comeback with critically acclaimed performances in Jaanwar and Sangharsh. He rose to prominence with one of the best comedy films to ever grace the Bollywood, Hera Pheri. The film still reigns in the heart of its audiences and was a major commercial success at that time.

Akshay was fearless to perform exhilarating stunts in the movie, Khiladi 420. The critics had a mixed review about his performance. Some of them thought that it was by far the finest performance of the high-octane actor. The actor doesn’t seem to stop and does movie after movie. Some are huge flops while few make a mark in people’s heart. That’s how his career has been driven throughout his stint in the Bollywood. Acting in over 100 films is a major feat. Therefore, we sorted down the best Akshay Kumar movies so that you know which ones are the best.

Akshay Kumar Hit Movies

Akshay Kumar Hit Movies

  • Rowdy Rathore (2012)
  • Housefull (2010)
  • Airlift (2016)
  • Housefull 2 (2012)
  • Hera Pheri (2000)
  • Special Chabbis (2013)
  • Singh is King (2008)
  • Namaste London (2007)
  • Mohra (1994)
  • Oh My God (2012)
  • Bhool Bhooliya (2007)
  • Johnny LLB 2 (2017)

With a century of films to his names, few have graced its audiences with some memorable songs. We made a list of smashing hit songs of our Khiladi Kumar.

Akshay Kumar Hit Songs

  • Tere Sang Yaara, Rustom (2016)
  • Ek Dilruba Hain, Bewafa (2005)
  • Hookah Bar, Khiladi 786 (2012)
  • Chura Ke Dil Mera, Main Khiladi Tu Anari (1994)
  • Falak Tak, Tashan (2008)
  • Rafta Rafta, Namastey London (2007)
  • Tu Cheez Badi Hain Mast Mast, Mohra (1994)
  • Dil Ne Ye Kaha Hain Dil Se, Dhadkan (2000)
  • Tip Tip Barsa Paani, Mohra (1994)
  • Viraaniya, Namaste London (2007)
  • Humko Deewana Kar Gaye, Humko Deewana Kar Gaye (2006)

Akshay Kumar Hit Songs

Akshay is always full of surprises. At one point in time, he can be disgustingly unentertaining with his choice of films like Joker, Tashan, Meri Biwi Ka Jawab Nahi, Zulmi, Barood, Tees Maar Khan, and much more. At another, he can simply amaze you with his prolific acting in movies like Airlift, Special 26, Oh My God and others.

Likes, Dislikes, and More

Akshay Kumar is a fitness freak right from his youth. He loves physical activities to the core. A trained professional martial artist, the actor is fond of outdoor sports and loves playing volleyball and cricket. His hobbies include collecting old movie posters and cooking. Akshay is a trained professional chef, which he learned the art of cooking in Bangkok is his struggling days.

Favorite Food: Thai Green Chicken Curry, Sushi, Chocolate fudge, Miso soup, Sashimi.

Favorite Superstars: Sridevi, Ranveer Singh, Kamal Hassan

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Films: Life is Beautiful

Favorite Sports: Cricket and Volleyball

Favorite Destinations: Canada and Goa

A String Of Steamy Relationships

With fame comes attraction, and proximity to most beautiful women in the town. The actor has enjoyed his time in the Bollywood with constant releases in the past two decades. That has given him the opportunity to work with several heroines. For a handsome hunk that he has always been, Akshay saw many girls before he jotted down his heart to Twinkle Khanna.

Akshay Kumar Relationship

Akshay dated Pooja Batra in the early 90’s. Their relationship didn’t work out for a long time, though. It was reported that Akshay dated his co-stars, Shilpa Shetty and Raveena Tandon prior to his hook up with his current wife. Both the relationships didn’t go that far, and the rumor failed to turn out into a reality.

The Match Made in Heaven

Twinkle Khanna and Akshay Kumar met for the first time on the shoot location of Filmfare. It is believed that the actor had developed an instant crush on the gorgeous actress. While shooting International Khiladi, cupid struck the duo, and both fell in Love with each other. It first started as a fling, stated Twinkle Khanna on a chat show. The rest is history. The duo tied the knot on 17 January 2001. They both have two children, Aarav, and Nitara. Akshay and Twinkle share a beautiful bond together and have managed to maintain their relationship in the shaky Bollywood world.

Akshay Kumar's Wife

Our Khiladi in the Controversy Game

Not many evade from controversies, once in Bollywood. The stardom has its price, it goes by the name of controversies, and Akki has been involved in quite a few of them. The Garam Masala actor has surely spiced up the Bollywood tabloids for numerous times. Here are few controversies that shocked the Bollywood World.

Akshay Kumar Controversies

  • The Ramp Walk trouble
    Akshay and his wife Twinkle got in trouble when he walked the ramp for Levis 501 Unbuttoned edition. The actor grooved up on the stage and asked his wife to unhook his pants. That didn’t go quite well under the radars of moral police. The actor and his wife were booked for offensive actions in public after the complaints were made by some pseudo-liberal groups.Akshay Kumar Controversies
  • The off-screen Chemistry with Raveena Tandon.
    Tip Tip Barsa Paani was one hell of a scorcher and sends chills down our spine every time we watch it. It is believed that the on-screen chemistry was carried off the screen as well. Our Khiladi played out his girlfriend Pooja Batra to get closer to the hot Raveena.
  • The Ugly Brawl with Shirish Kunder
    Joker was possibly the worse movie Akki acted in. Akshay didn’t pay much attention towards the promotions of the films because of lack of co-ordination between the two. The actor and the director both had brawls during the shoot in regards to how the film was going to be shot. Actually, my main question is why on the earth was that film shot?
  • Infidelity from the Khiladi?
    Eyebrows were raised when rumors of Priyanka Chopra and Akshay Kumar’s growing proximity caught fire. Their intimacy level on the sets of Aitraaz got way too personal. The final word came from the home minister of Akshay. Twinkle barred him from working with PeeCee in the future.
  • Hurting Religious Sentiments
    Akshay Kumar’s Khiladi 786 was in trouble when the earlier name had hurt the religious sentiments of people. The actor, unfortunately, had to rename in his films, to avoid debacles from the religious groups. A wise call nonetheless.
  • Getting furious on Comedy Night’s Bachao
    The actor was left red-faced on comedian Siddharth Jadhav after he passed a racist comment on the actress, Lisa Hayden. Both the actors had a verbal argument according to many people on the Social Media.

 9th Richest Actor In The World For A Reason

Akshay Kumar Net Worth

With over hundred films, countless brand endorsements, several TV shows, and two production companies, Akshay Kumar has built an entire empire for himself. The self-made actor established himself in the Bollywood without any connections and has made a name as one of the most famous celebrities in the world.

Akshay Kumar’s net worth is speculated around a monstrous $150 million. That amount when calculated in rupees looks like 1015, 1992, 500. He is one of the leading taxpayers in the country paying 20 crores in tax alone. That is far more than his competitors, Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan.

The actor has a wide diaspora of cars for his disposal. With money flowing like rivers in the back account, the luxury of purchasing costly cars is always on the cards. Also, the Airlift fame actor has a soft corner for his bikes and owns a few monstrous ones.

Akshay Kumar Net Worth

Cars Collection: Porsche Cayenne, Mercedes-Benz, Honda CR-V, Bentley Continental-GT.

Bikes in the Garage: Harley Davidson, Yamaha VMax.

Akshay as a Humanitarian

The Khiladi Kumar doesn’t smoke nor drinks but endorses an alcohol brand in the country. The 50% of the amount he receives from the endorsement of the brand goes to the charity. He also started a 30-bed cancer home for Policemen in Naigaon. He has been vocal about various social topics and provides a helping hand in times of natural calamities.

Akshay Kumar donated 50 lakh rupees to Being Human Foundation in 2013. He has financially contributed to many such organizations. He raised 50 lac rupees for the drought affected masses in the rural Maharashtra.

A mega star has sufficed all his social responsibilities time and again. Apart from being an incredible actor, a huge superstar, and a terrific performer, Akshay has been a great philanthropist throughout his blistering career that spreads across 3 decades.

6 unknown facts about Akshay Kumar

We all know what a great actor he has been, but very few in the industry know these unknown facts about the heart throbbing Akshay Kumar.

6 unknown facts about Akshay Kumar

  • Akshay has played Vijay 8 times on screen. Also, he has played Raj 7 times, out of which 5 times he bears the last name of Malhotra.
  • Akshay risked his life when he deadlifted the 350 pounder wrestler in the movie Khatron Ke Khiladi. The actor ran the chances of breaking his neck when he lifted the wrestler on his neck. He had to receive severe treatment in the U.S to get rid of his injuries.
  • Akshay is a complete morning person. Where most of the celebrities in the B-Town sleep after the midnight mark, the actor wakes up at 5, does his routine exercises and schedules his interviews in the morning. Pretty unusual, isn’t it?
  • The actor sang a Punjabi devotional song Nirgun Rakh Liya for an album. The profits of this songs were dedicated to victims of the 7/11 train bomb blasts in Mumbai.
  • He loves his Honda CR-V to the core. It doesn’t mean that he doesn’t own luxurious cars. He has many of them but feels Honda makes best cars for the Indian Road.
  • The fitness freak actor doesn’t rely on heavy machinery and equipment for his built. He avoids picking weights and is dependent on martial arts, yoga, and other physical activities to keep him in shape.

Awards, Accolades, and Recognition

One of the finest and richest superstars in the industry doesn’t need awards to tell the world why he is the best. Nonetheless, the actor has had his trophy cabinet filled with numerous accolades from around the world. He was given the Honorary Doctorate by Windsor University for his immaculate contributions to the Indian Cinema. Here is a list of awards the actor has his name engraved on throughout his career.

Akshay Kumar Awards

  • Padma Shri 2009
  • Filmfare award for the best Villain (Tamil) for Ajnabee (2002)
  • Filmfare award for the best performance in a comic role for Garam Masala (2006)
  • Zee Cine Award for the best actor for Namastey London (2008)
  • 3 Stardust award for the actor of the year for Namastey London, OMG, and Rowdy Rathore (2011, 2013, 2008)
  • IIFA award for the best performance in a comic role for Mujhse Shaadi Karogi (2005)
  • IIFA award for the best performance in a negative role for Ajnabee (2002)
  • Screen Award for the best comedian for Garam Masala (2006)
  • ITA Popular Icon Award (2008)
  • Star Guild award for the best entertainer of the year (2008)

The Social Media Buzz

Akshay is active on Instagram with 11.1 million followers. The actor handles his account by the name of @akshaykumar. His twitter handle is @akshaykumar and has around 16.8 million followers on the social media site. The action actor is active on both social media platforms mainly raising social awareness topics on the same.

He is one of the biggest superstars in the world to grace the Indian Cinema. He’s a proven star with so many records, accolades, and recognitions to his name. Akshay Kumar, from a waiter in Bangkok to an influential celebrity in the B-Town, the journey has been simply audacious. At 49, the actor has a lot to give to the Bollywood. We hope he keeps redefining success with his immense work ethic and unchallenged acting caliber.

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Akshay Kumar

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